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Title: Xat chat rules
Post by: jamie on May 31, 2011, 12:31:35 pm
Modified : 31st June 2011

I give permission for chat owners and chat moderators to enforce the following:

- You will not advertise other communitys.
- Your links will not be outside of farchest, Make a webclient with us.
- Your links ARE allowed to be video links, but cannot contain pornography, child exploitation, Other communitys or racist remarks.
- Links can only be in the "house" part of xat chat. for more info visit
- Pc advertising is strictly banned, if someone pc's you advertising, print screen and report it.
- You will not Flood the chat with advertising, useless or even useful content.
- You may only advertise every 60 seconds.
- You will not exploit any bugs you find, but will instead report them to either or us.