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Graphics / Re: My quick sig
« on: June 13, 2011, 02:57:40 am »
wow damn nice!!
i've been looking soo long for a sig maker
make me 1 please

Updates / Re: Xat chat Staff APP
« on: June 05, 2011, 06:28:38 am »
real name:ruben

xat name:xlolx

where u live:netherland Amsterdam

Activity:1-3 hours on normal school days and 1-5 hours in vacation

apply for:forums moderator, chatbox moderator.

u allready member in chatbox:no, i am not member in chatbox

specialities:coding forums/rsps's and websites, setting rsps's up and beiing staff member on awesome communitys like these...

experience:i've been staff on soo many things... i cant even count them all... communitys and forums is 1 of my specialities too...i've been owner of my own server: RsDark , we had 130+ ppl online every day.

what u gonna do to earn staff:be active as much as i can, advertise, help people if they need.

what u gonna do if ur staff:i would help people as much as i can, say thanks to the 1 who made me :p, and i would stay do what i allready did to earn it...

what would u do if u dont get this position: nothing... this amazing community stay amazing... so i would stay do what i do to earn it...

permission from jamie yes[ x ] no[ ]

what permission:to tell his staff things like tips...

i hope this application will be accepted...
greetz, X l o l X

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