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Gary's staff app
« Reply #15 on: June 05, 2011, 07:47:10 am »
Xat name:(b)Gary(b)/lightman487
Real life name:Gary
Do you currently own a server?:No but i am a co-owner
How much experience have you had with staff?:I have been staff on alot of servers,  I have been ingame mod and admin and i have been mod and owner before on xat chatboxes

Hobbies:xbox360 cod computer youtube play rsps and rsps communitys
How many hours are you avaliable a day?:On school days around 4-5 hours On normal days 5 hours +
Do you share a computer/laptop?:no
If yes, with who:

Have you read the xat rules?:Yes

What requires a zap? What rule is broken and a zap used? spam , smilie spam ,cursing , PC advertising , adverting in less than 60 seconds
What requires a ban? what rule is broken and a ban is used After warning of breaking any rules

"Join my community! This community fails" How long would you ban this person for? the reason and why?the most i can forever or 6 hours because they advert other communitys and we lose people witch is bad :(

Why would you be good xat staff? (5 lines minimum for any chance of acceptance) I would make a good xat staff because i'm loyal help advertise,  Ban advertisers,  and help players out.I have been moderator and owner rank on chatboxes before.I hope you read this cause i waste my life typing this lol.