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Re: Xat chat Staff APP
« Reply #15 on: June 14, 2011, 02:15:36 am »
Xat name:banks
Real life name:Rares Petre
Do you currently own a server?:no
How much experience have you had with staff?:verry verry more experience with xat chat and servers.

Hobbies:Pc and psp,ps3
How many hours are you avaliable a day?:5-8hours
Do you share a computer/laptop?:i have my computer.
If yes, with who:my self

Have you read the xat rules?:yes

"Join my community! This community fails" How long would you ban this person for? the reason and why?: forever cus he advertise a community.

Why would you be good xat staff? (5 lines minimum for any chance of acceptance)
-becouse i know rules
-i have experience
-im a good advertiser and helper